A busy weekend… AGAIN… lol


Well it has been one heck of a weekend… We have almost finished the decking in the girls, youngsters and neuters enclosure, all but 6 pieces, the last few pieces were a bit of a nightmare, we think they came from a different batch, so they made it all looked like it was bowing out and no matter how much Gerard tried to get the right pieces it was just not happening, so in the end he said enough…
We did manage to find the right decking to match in the end, but he was just too knackered to carry on… IT looks amazing, it also shows, when you take the picture from the garden, just how much room they have to run around, something we did not think of before…

On this decking which 16 foot by 12 foot will go the new summer house, plus one of the chalets, the rest of the area will be available for the cats to sunbath on.

The next lot of decking will be 16 foot by 16 foot that will start from the end of the current chalet right up to as far as it can. Then next to it the same, then we hope that will finish it for this year… We have to now start painting again, every chalet will be power washed and re painted before the winter, the old decking in the boys will be treated and everyone will get all new winter bedding…

We have also to put in a load of drainage pipe to help with the amount of water that flows in to here from the road, despite the diversion we have put in, it does depending on the amount of rain flow in to here the first year hardly any came in, last year it was a nightmare, we had to build some drainage channels last year which worked brilliantly but they are not so aesthetically pleasing… so once the channels are in and the earth covers them, Gerard will use his whacker plate to level all the ground out, which will make it a lot easier for mowing.

The cats had a great day, either perched on our backs or just generally making a nuisance of themselves, once the decking started to go down, of course they had to all sliver on their bellies to go take a look see underneath, all you could see was botties and tails as they one by one slivered under.

Before we put in the very last piece of decking on the sides, we will have to do a head count to make sure they are all out. I remember when we did the boys decking, one of the cats got underneath and we nearly had to take it back up again to get him out! This will not be happening again.




Baer had a great time in the girl’s enclosure, at first loose then eventually we tied her up so she could still watch us, but not run around like a twit then charge at Gerard and kiss him smack in the mouth with a mouth full of slobber every time nearly knocking him over…
Gerard likes dog kisses and she knows it… I don’t and she knows that too LOL… I said it is your own fault for kissing her in the first place… HE was not too pleased mind on Saturday, when she kissed him on the mouth with tongue’s… as she had just finished eating hen sh1t… TE HE Wendy were laughing out loud as he was retching… We are so good to him…

Ella is still not herself, she came for cuddles with daddy Gerard, and she had treats off him, she is still eating and managing short walks, but she is not my Ella…. My heart is aching right now because I know she is 11.5 years old and for a dog that has not been treated well in the first 9 years of her life that is a good age, but after losing Poppy this year, I don’t want to lose Ella too…. In all other ways she is healthy, she just wants to sleep and sleep and would prefer not to walk too far, she is not even touching her bones, which is not Ella either…. I am keeping everything crossed she is a little bruised inside from bounding Baer and she will come right soon…I am saying daily prayers for her, please offer yours too…. <3

The first two tons of the hardwood logs arrived yesterday, it’s all now stacked nicely on pallets in the barn, it is very dry stuff I have to say this time, so it does not need any further drying, but stacked on the pallets it keeps it nice and aired. He is coming back next week with two more tons, then a ton of kindling then another two tons of Hardwood, that should keep us going for a little while, we have another supplier that sells it by the trailer load, but his wood has not finished drying so now we wait… I always say it is better to get from two or three sources then if one runs out you always have a good back up.
We will be very toasty this winter, that is if!!! they sort the boiler out, as she is leaking AGAIN….
Mind they are coming on Tuesday to service her so they will fix the leak at the same time… Dam boiler not worth the money paid for it… It has been nothing but trouble.

I need to get a new grate and collection bucket for my fire the one that is in there is on its last legs too and I want my winter fire with my feet up chilling watching a half a year’s catch up on sky….
So Chimneys swept, wood stacked, hopefully boiler and fire sorted, BRING IT ON winter!! LOL

HOPEFULLY kitten photos today, SOOOOO Sorry for not having taken any, but when the sun was shining and things have to be done to make the winter cosy for us all, photos have to wait as they take so long to do, but we have to go shopping today for FOOD as well….. I hate food shopping for food, but with milk supplies dwindling, one has too………………. So ALDI… Sainsbury’s… Empty your stores of people, I am coming……
So short but sweet I know but you get the gist.


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