That Thursday Feeling…

Good morning,

We have woken up to snow this morning which is far better than the horrible rainy day we had yesterday.

I spent a lot of the night and early morning sat on my windowsill watching the shooting stars, the sky was incredibly clear, I felt like I could just pluck the stars out of the sky, that is the great thing about living here.

Yesterday I managed to get all the upstairs cleaned and hoovered. Currently there are only a few cats upstairs. In Wendy's bedroom is Ana and her two oriental black babies, in the smaller bedroom are Aphrodite and Q. During the day Ana and her babies have free roam upstairs and the stairs except for the smaller bedroom. Which when you are sitting downstairs can be a bit unnerving, as it sounds like there is an elephant running around with clogs on, as she charges from one end of the landing to the other, I think at times she catapult off the walls. Normally she wouldalso have access to the small bedroom, but we have new residents in there and she is a little bit ticked off about it😣 but that's just tough!😁😁
The reason for this is 12-year-old Aphrodite has been overgrooming, to the point were she is nearly bald in places. With her, this is down to stress, she really does not like being around a lots of cats. When we moved up here she could come and go as she pleased, but she became very poorly, so we had to bring her back into the house and restrict her movements, we think she ate something off, as the others were always bringing something back and she sure does like her food.
When she first came into the house everything was ok, we think that because we have had to bring in more cats while their enclosures were built, giving her sensitive nature, she has become upset. I thought the best thing for her health was to move her. Both Aphrodite and Q have known each other for many years, Q is the most easy going of all our cats, as long as she has food, she's happy. So Q is in there just for company. They have been together now for 5 days and I think she has stopped overgrooming, she is now parting with extremely large fur balls...All over the recently cleaned new carpet!!! When you have older cats it's really hard knowing what is best for them.

I did try yesterday to take some photos of Ana's babies, but even with a white background they just looks like three conjoined cats. Not sure how I'm going to get a decent picture of these two little beasts, I guess I will just have to keep trying. Ana has always been a diva, secretly we hoped that when she had babies, they would give her a hard time, to pay her back for all the hard times she gave us. This however has not happened, she is an amazing mother who totally adores her babies and just as she told us off when we didn't meet her needs, she's now telling them off when they are not where they are supposed to be. Last night as I was settling down into bed having thought I had locked wendy's bedroom door with Ana and her babies in it, I found out that Ana was in there but her two babies were in my bed. I got up and took them to her, boy did she tell them off. lol... I could hear her grumbling all the way back to my own room.

I found a picture of Alex our new chocolate point Siamese stud boy, it's not the best photo because it was taken with my phone, but at least it is another one crossed off my list. I really have to update the website in many places. This is on my to-do list for the next few months, there are cats on there that are retired now, so they really need taking off and new ones added.

I follow a lot of American websites, they are usually about cooking, crafting, canning and gardening.. It really does give you an insight on to the costs to live in other countries. For instance a lot of the vlogs that I follow do food hauls. For those that do not know watch this means, I will explain. Basically they go shopping, in their favourite stores like Walmart, costco etc, they then display the food on their tables, worktops etc, plus give you a rundown on the price they have paid. Boy oh boy do they pay a lot of money for food in America, even Aldi seems expensive, though they do seem to have a better choice and I thought the UK had a better choice over Germany!! It's nothing to the choice they have..

Though if you want any electrical goods like canning - pressure cookers, or kitchenAid, Bosch mixers then they save a fortune... it was funny actually to see George clothes being sold in walmart, I know that Walmart own ASDA's, but I thought they would have different brands of clothes over there. The in thing at the moment seems to be Vlogging. I have done a little bit of Vlogging when I am out with the dogs, I hate the sound of my own voice.... Lol.

But as I was bored yesterday because of the weather, I decided to make my first cooking Vlog.. I used my new phone, they use fancy cameras on tripods... If I enjoy it, I have the fancy camera, I just need the tripod, you never know I might bore you to death with videos on cooking te he😝😝... It actually might help me ensure I eat regular good meals, I do sometimes forget to eat, which plays havoc with my body and the medication I am on.

My first video is chicken tikka masala... You will have to excuse the kitchen tiles, we think somebody used super glue threw them at the wall, then covered them with grout and didn't bother to wipe it off. Nor did they finish them off at the bottom edge, or for that matter the top... But they are on my to-do list which seems to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger.. The Chicken pieces are from the wholesale butcher where are we buy our cats chicken from, they are full breasts, skin on, bone in, they cost Β£1.25 each.. This meal if you added extra chicken could feed a family of 6 easily. The paste I made, will do two more portions of tikka masala paste, you just need to add chicken, tomatoe puree, coconut milk or creamed coconut, sugar and cream for that thick yummy taste.. It gave me two good portions, plus there was extra sauce left to freeze for Gerard, though Wendy does like chicken tikka masala, she probably wouldn't like this it was maybe too spicy.

I really wasn't trying to kill my mixer in the Vlog,the onions were stuck at the bottom of the mixer so the blades we're not going round, but it is my first video, I hope I get better at it.... If nothing else it will give the stalkers something to laugh about lol....

Today I am going to make a wholemeal loaf using my breadmaker just for the dough and my oven to cook it in.

I have thousands of recipes, which I have adapted to suit my taste, most I have to be honest are for chicken which is my favourite meat, but I do a lot of homemade sauces for pulled pork, beef,ribs etc.. I also make a lot of crockpot meals especially when Gerard and Wendy come up, because once we are outside, out we are outside, we are lucky if we get one cup of tea in the day!! never mind come in to cook. He's such a slave driver.

Ok that's a short one for me today I hope you enjoy reading and watching.
Take care...
Ta ta for now x x


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