Scottish double GCCF show 07-01-17


I have eventually rested enough and come down from the sky above to write the blog today!

We have been so busy this past year with one thing or another, that showing was the last thing I wanted to do, but Wendy talked me in to the Scottish show…Before I could change my mind she had booked the hotel for the Friday before the Saturday show… This was even before we had entered!! we are talking her end of NOVEMBER….  So then we  both went through the list of which cats  we were taking, as we have so many cats that need just one ticket but we also have cats that we breed with that have none due to ‘breeding’ So because nothing was in kitten it was down to who needed the tickets the most… 8 cats were entered, only one stayed behind and that was HARRY… who chose to have a spat with Palmer the day before, resulting in the tiniest bite in the top of his ear GRRRRRR…

So with a busy week before the show ‘New owners week’ we finally got down to sorting out what we did and did not have for 8 show pens one of them a double… The barn is in such a mess with one thing and another, finding the show stuff was a nightmare, and what was not covered in hen poop was eaten by mice….  we found 7 litter trays, 1 large and 6 small, so prior to discovering Harrys ear,we were just one short  Crystal Clear were going to be there so first thing to do when we got to the show, buy a litter tray… We had white fleece but not enough, so Thursday  off  we went to get some nice new white fleece at our favourite material shop in Burnley…  we bought 5 metres… JUST to make sure we had enough.

Show prep  for the cats as they were all looking fabulous was going to be done in the hotel after dinner on the Friday…  So FRIDAY morning, I cut all the fleece to size, cleaned and disinfected all litter trays and D cups.. Wendy washed the show bags and the trolley, plus hunted down the spider clips  to keep the baskets in place once on the trolley, while I filled all the  travel baskets with woolly blankets and towels.. I cleaned all the litter trays here and scrubbed each room, packed up my spare dog cage and Wendy took Baer and Ella to her house because Gerard was looking after them… I then started rushing around getting me ready, plus pack my over night bag.. We had booked two family rooms with baths at the Premier in in Motherwell, to include a two course dinner and full breakfast.. Our intention was drive up, unpack cats have dinner, prep cats and have a NICE LONG BATH….. the nice long bath did not happen….

We set off at 3:30pm, with a night mare journey to the M6 behind idiots that should not be driving on country roads… the journey once we got on the motorway was easy, but then major road works at the junction we were supposed to come off at. meant the sat nav took us off the junction before.  ROUNDABOUT after roundabout after roundabout.. I was exhausted before we got there…  we arrived around 7:15pmish…  unpacked the cats with Gibson in Wendy bathroom, Malcolm in mine, the rest of the cats we shared between us, only I got the WRONG dam cat…… We went to dinner as we were both starving, Wendy loved her dinner, mine was not so nice… but at least it filled a hole…  on our way back to the hotel we met Debbie and her husband who have Emira one of our Abyssinians, we had agreed to have a drink with them but we were all shattered…. So after I had a quick cuddle with Emira all pretty in her pink harness…. We left to go back to our rooms…

We started the show prep, nails cut, cats brushed, ears cleaned etc, we both collapsed in to our beds shattered…. BUT Kassie decided I was NOT having any sleep at all, running around the room like a mad thing… Cagney who I also got slept at the side of me all night.  Wendy who is the NIGHT person, walked in to my room, through the adjoining door, after she heard me shout at KASSIE for what must have been the hundredth time, since leaving our house… With a smile on her face and a cup of steaming coffee in her hand. I grunted a good morning, which is VERY unusual for me as I am the happy morning person, I made a cup of tea with my own T-bags ( Yorkshire) and started to come around, after I took my tablets and my second cup of tea I felt a little more human, but I looked shocking… ( even worse than normal)…

Wendy had read the hotel info, Breakfast was being served until 11 and we had to check out for 12… so we decided to take the cats to the show and then at 10 when Judging starts, come back to the hotel for breakfast etc…  Catching the cats was NOT easy, Malcom and Gibson straight in, Cagney in, Reba and Rhianna a little chase but soon caught, Brooke was not to bad, but I gave her another brush but knew I was not going to get her coat looking any better!!  KASSIE… was a bloody nightmare, she ran us ragged, eventually finding a hole under my double bed which she crawled in to…. what a b*tch she was, it took over half an hour to catch her… PLEASE Premier in can you have your beds with no gaps in  next time… Looking like someone who had dragged us in with the washing, we went to the show hall to set up each pen, arguing like a married couple…  people always laugh at us, I am the OCD tidy one that likes everything just so, Wendy is the untidy one that chucks it in first then sorts it later as you can imagine, things do not always go to plan… BUT we got them done in time despite Malcolm pooing twice and Cagney once… We then at just after 10 drove the 3 miles to the hotel.

We had a lovely  freshly cooked English breakfast, which we ordered when we got there,  while we were waiting for that we started on some of the stuff that was laid out, I had Grapefruit and fresh fruit salad, 2 pancakes with golden syrup, 2 pieces of toast with honey, a glass of orange and an orange and mango smoothie, plus a cup of COFFEE, something I rarely drink, but they had weak  twining’s breakfast T bags and I just could not be bothered to go get my own.. My hot breakfast came, 3 rashers of bacon, black pudding, sausage, 2 fried eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and bubble and squeak, I have never eaten so much in my LIFE before, but I had not eaten a good meal since Ready break on Friday morning, my body needed food.. But I did not need to eat a thing all day, but I had 2 x glasses of milk, plus 2 x orange juice and on the way home another orange, it did not taste salty the bacon, but it must have been… I was parched…

After breakfast we both went to our rooms and had a wonderful shower, then it was tidy up time of the hotel, we pride ourselves on leaving the hotel spotless when we go to a show, we always take a cover to protect the quilt and incontinence pads for under litter trays and food bowls etc, we take wipes and flash and room spray. So once everything was done we checked out, 2 minutes after 12….. PHEW..

Feeling a little cleaner and sweeter, we went back to the show, so many of our friends from past and present were there, so a lot of the time was spent talking, I bought some toys for the cats back home, while Wendy did the result board..

So 7 cats went and below are the results..

Badsworth Mc Cagney ( Cagney) Fawn Abyssinian, gained her first two Challenge certificates plus 2 x Best of breeds..

Badsworth Cheysuli Eternal Flame (Rhianna), Gained her two CC’s but lost out on the Best of breed, to Lindas cat the same as Malcolm

Rhianna is lucky to be out after her horrific leg injury last year… but with the amazing surgery done by our vets and lots of TLC in my bed, she has come good….

Her sister Badsworth Cheysuli Always yours ( Reba) Snow spotted, gained her two first CCs and the best of breed over a lovely boy owned by Linda, who was talking to her all day!!

Badsworth Cheysuli Emma Whats on… ( Emira) Lilac Abyssinian Owned by Debbie, gained 2 x firsts in her kitten class and two best of breeds.. This is her third kitten show and she has yet to be beaten… 🙂

Badsworth Cheysuli Brooke ( Brooke) Emira Mother, Lilac Abyssinian,  came second both times to a Chocolate Abyssinian, to be honest her coat was far too woolly for the show, but entered she was, so we took her…

Kungsgardencats Americone ( Malcolm) Brown spotted Bengal, gained his first 2 CCs, the best of breed went to a lovely Olympian girl owned by Linda Whitmore.

Enigmatic  Casino Royal ( Kassie) Lilac Oriental, gained her first places but no CC’s her coat despite gained her first CC at the Transpennine, was not sound.. She so loves that sun, so we were gutted for her but hey ho we live to bring her back another day, her and Ana will now be having  time out for kittens…

Positively Mellow Yellow ( Gibson) BSH Gained his first two CC’s and two best of breeds, over a year older, much bigger Cream boy.

That as they say is it… We had a  great show a LONG, LONG,LONG drive home… which meant I UNFOLDED my self from the car, but more from us with regards to what happened when we got home………………

The pictures are not great they are taken with my mobile… I did not take my new camera, but at least we have the memories..




emira emira2




malcolm malcolm2



Some of the rosettes and gold challenge certificates..



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