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Wishing you a  warm welcome to our website and blog.

Let me give you a quick introduction of what we are all about,  we have a very busy and popular site with lots of information about us and our cats…

Wendy and I joined forces when I moved back to the UK.. I have shown and bred pedigree and domestic short-hair cats since 1976, Wendy since 2002.

Me under Badsworth her under Cheysuli

We have the breeds, we specialise in… and those each of us is learning about, we have breed lines that go back currently for many generations, most of the adult  cat’s that have been part of our breeding program, still live here.

Unlike many breeders who either sell on their breeding stock both un-neutered and neutered as soon as they are done with them, ours live out their lives with us, so when you chose your new kitten, you will in most cases, see their parents, Grandparents, Great Grand parents,older brothers, sisters, half siblings, Aunts, Uncles etc, etc.

We operate a CLOSED stud, we do not also go out to STUD… so you will always meet the daddy Badsworth Cheysuli king

As you will read on the Facts page, we have a Matriarch system that allows our cats to live in harmony.. in a group.

For over 30 years I have been a GCCF steward, consequently I have had the pleasure of handling some magnificent cat’s across the breeds for many year.

Our cats are bred for ‘Type’, ‘Confirmation’ and ‘size’ from Genetically tested lines.

We  LOVE cats quite simply, both our family’s have grown up, we love to show so it was the best option for us both!


I will start with the blog headlined Meow’s which you can access from  the right of your screen,here you can read about what we are up too, plus there are links to new owners photos.

The cats is currently under construction, a lot of our cats have recently retired,so these will be added to the neuters page, and re building this page soon.

The facts page with it’s drop down menu is all about us, we do things our way, as you will read, not the way that others do it, not the way that is best for all breeders and owners of pedigree cats, but what is right for us.

The Cattery with it’s drop down menu kitten rooms. Our cattery is an on going project, I have only lived in this house for just over 11 months, so we have lots of projects for the future. We have one kitten room which is finished, the other is now well on its way to being completed.

Heath and Information is all about how our cats are reared, tests we give, plus much more.

Barf and raw feeding plus drop down menu’s, is how to rear your cat/dog the RAW way.

Gallery of cats is a page dedicated to photos we receive, from new owners as they send them to us, this page was recently corrupted, during the transition from one two websites in to one, this will be rebuilt as we go along.

Breed Profiles here you will see the information on the cats that we breed.

Our own cats gallery is a page which will feature the cats that live here,going about their daily life.

Over the coming months you will also read different pages on some of the cat’s we have living here.

Currently I am working on Jones… The bengal… there is a drop down menu under Jones as his adventure’s grow.. I will be starting with other pages also, currently we are having a lot of building work done in the house, so I can only do this when I get the time 😉

There is always something going on, it’s a busy blog.  We have many people who have saved us in their favourites, who visit us daily, to find out the latest news.

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Pin it.

Enjoy your visit…


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